Sweeper Hire

At Think Pink Skips, we understand the importance of leaving a clean, tidy worksite behind at the end of the day.

Our Johnson VT650 dual sweep road sweepers are all manned by experienced and competent operators, ensuring a full and complete cleaning service.

Each Sweeper is fitted with audible reversing alarms, rear view cameras and beacons.

They also have gully emptying equipment fitted, wander hoses, power lances, and super wash, enabling us to reach all those tricky areas on site.

To book our sweeper, or get a quote, call us on 01524 844151, send us an email, or get in touch through Facebook.

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All of our sweepers provide:

  • High performance suction
  • Dual sweeper configuration
  • Gully suction pipe
  • Reversing cameras and audible warning system
  • Emergency, short-notice service

Any sweeping materials can be tipped on your building site in an area designated by you, or transported to our transfer station for processing

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